unlock Arcana Playing cards in Hades 2

Arcana Playing cards are an important part of Hades 2, which is befitting, seeing as the sport casts you as a literal witch.

Like Keepsakes (equipment), Arcana Playing cards grant you passive perks. Some enhance your stats. Some are much more useful, going as far as to revive you from dying. In contrast to Keepsakes, although, consider Arcana Playing cards extra like a ability tree. As you unlock extra playing cards, you’ll get entry to even higher playing cards.

Right here’s unlock Arcana Playing cards in Hades 2, plus a listing of each Arcana Card we’ve seen to this point and its skills.

unlock Arcana Playing cards in Hades 2

Melinoe stands near the tablet for unlocking new Arcana Cards in Hades 2.

The Arcana Playing cards pill typically has a yellow exclamation level over it between runs.
Picture: Supergiant Video games through Polygon

You may unlock Arcana Playing cards by interacting with the stone slab on the entrance of the room proper earlier than you embark on a run.

The first useful resource for unlocking new Arcana Playing cards is ashes, a useful resource mostly discovered as a reward for clearing encounters (the chambers with fight). Search for chambers marked by a grey flourish of sand.

Unlocking an Arcana Card for the primary time will unveil the playing cards adjoining to it, increasing the variety of playing cards you possibly can unlock.

improve grasp and equip extra Arcana Playing cards in Hades 2

A Hades 2 menu shows the list of Arcana Cards in Hades 2.

The Arcana Card board is on the left; the grasp gauge is that inexperienced circle on the precise.
Picture: Supergiant Video games through Polygon

Your grasp meter determines what number of Arcana Playing cards you possibly can equip directly. Every Arcana Card comes with a grasp value, starting from one to 5, with the higher playing cards usually related to the next grasp value.

You begin Hades 2 with 10 grasp. You may improve your grasp restrict by spending psyche, additionally a useful resource that’s earned by clearing encounters. Search for the chambers with the little inexperienced will-o-wisp as a reward.

Some playing cards don’t have any grasp value and are as an alternative activated by an “awakening” — whether or not or not you’re in a position to equip it’s contingent on whether or not or not you’ve met a sure set of pre-requisites. We’ve famous such “awakenings” within the desk beneath.

Arcana Card skills checklist in Hades 2

There are 25 Arcana Playing cards in Hades 2. Every card is related to a roman numeral. There are 5 rows, with 5 Arcana Playing cards per row; seek advice from the picture above to see every card’s placement on the Arcana Card board.

To date, we’ve uncovered 20 Arcana Playing cards, although be aware that these we’ve but to uncover are marked within the desk beneath as “TBD.”

Arcana Playing cards checklist in Hades 2

Card quantity Card title Impact Unlock value Grasp value
Card quantity Card title Impact Unlock value Grasp value
I The Sorceress Slows down time for two seconds whilst you channel Omega strikes. 1 Ash 1
II The Wayward Son Restore 2 well being if you exit a chamber, or twice that should you’re beneath 30% well being. 3 Ash 1
III The Huntress When your magick meter is not full, your assaults and specials deal +30% injury. 10 Ash 3
IV Demise Your Omega strikes have +3% probability to deal essential injury. 15 Ash 3
V The Messenger You may have +6% probability to dodge. 20 Ash, 1 Pearl 0, Awakening: Activate at the least 3 playing cards that use the identical quantity of magick
VI The Furies Deal 20% extra injury to foes together with your forged. 3 Ash 2
VII The Titan Acquire +20 max well being and +20 max magick. 7 Ash 2
VIII The Unseen Restore 2 magick each second. 20 Ash 5
IX Night time Your Hex prices up robotically as if you used 2 magick each second. 25 Ash 4
X The Lovers In fights in opposition to Guardians (space bosses), you’re taking 0 injury the primary time you might be hit 30 Ash 2
XI The Swift Runner You dash 20% sooner. 10 Ash 1
XII Eternity Begin every run with one Demise Defiance (computerized revive). 20 Ash 4
XIII The Centaur Each 5 chambers, achieve +3 max well being and +3 magick. 25 Ash, 1 Cinder 0, Awakening: Activate Playing cards that use 1 grasp by 5 grasp
XIV The Moon Your Omega forged has +50 energy each time it detonates. 30 Ash 3
XV Power Whereas you haven’t any greater than 30% well being, you’re taking -30% injury and deal +30%. 35 Ash 5
XVI The Fates Begin every run with +1 Change of Destiny (which lets you alter rewards from every chamber). 15 Ash 3
XVII The Boatman Begin every run with 200 gold. 25 Ash 5
XVIII Origination Deal +25% injury to foes stricken with at the least 2 curse results. 30 Ash 3
XIX Excellence Any boons you might be supplied have a +30% probability to be uncommon. 35 Ash 5
XXII The Champions Begin every run with +1 Change of Destiny (which lets you alter boons). 30 Ash 4

We’ll replace this information after we uncover the remaining 5 Arcana Playing cards.

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