Seems Dragon’s Dogma 2 has an unfinished path-tracing function, and a brand new mod allows you to use it – simply do not anticipate it to run completely

Dragon’s Dogma 2 seemingly has a path-tracing renderer hidden with it, and there is now a mod that permits you to flip it on.

Now, proper out the gate, I needs to be clear that simply because one thing is in a recreation doesn’t suggest that it is minimize content material. Generally sure issues simply exist as exams, or have been simply earlier variations of one thing that also exists. Having stated that, earlier this month it was found that Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a path-tracing function that provides the sport way more lifelike lighting. Final week, a modder by the title of EXXXcellent reached out to Digital Foundry about their mod that prompts the function, and the latter went fingers on with it to see precisely how the sport shapes up with all that new lighting.

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Proper out the gate, it actually does look fairly good. Reflective surfaces like metallic and bottles have a way more lifelike look to them, shadows have much more definition to them, even simply brickwork and cobblestones look nice. Character fashions and issues like hair get an actual increase too, general it actually works with the sport’s visible type, although there are some indoor areas that truly look worse because of an absence of sunshine. However right here comes the however. However! This unsurprisingly comes at the price of efficiency.

Digital Foundry did their exams utilizing a Geforce RTX 4090 graphics card, and whereas utilizing the sport’s 4K DLSS efficiency mode with out path-tracing on, they have been in a position to get 105 FPS working fairly easily, although this was simply indoors with not a lot occurring. With the mode turned on, although, that instantly jumps right down to 93 FPS, nonetheless framerate, however this does include a whole lot of visible noise. Upping the pattern per pixel rely helps eliminate some noise, however at a rely of 4 SPP, the framerate drops to 42 FPS. Including extra bounces lowers that even additional to twenty FPS, so whereas the sport may look good, you lose so much by way of efficiency.

I am positive with time, somebody will get this mod working easily, however for now it looks as if it is going to principally be helpful for taking good screenshots, significantly if you do not have the strongest package on the market.

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