Random: Fan Saves All Dragon Quest 7 DLC Maps Before 3DS Servers Shut Down

Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past Official Art
Image: Square Enix

With the 3DS and Wii U servers shutting down forever just a few days ago, a huge amount of DLC, digital-only games, and games reliant on online play have been lost to time. But one Dragon Quest fan sought to preserve all DLC for the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII — and they did it just in time.

Gronya, a Dragon Quest enthusiast and content creator, has preserved all 56 DLC maps — known as ‘tablets’ in the game. These tablets are only accessible after completing the third island (at the earliest) with a handful locked to the post-game. Dragon Quest VII isn’t a short RPG, so trying to power through it before downloading all of them isn’t that easy.

So Gronya was determined to preserve this content so that fans could access the DLC whenever they wanted — even after the servers shut down. Gronya was inspired to do this after seeing a thread from a fellow Dragon Quest fan sackchief detailing what needs to happen. Using a guide from Ignasia and a speedrun video from Twitch Highspirits set out on her task.

She needed to create a “clean” save file and to do this, she had to level a particular character up to level 50 — and only that character. Recovering from a recent stay in hospital, Gronya settled into a rhythm and began the long task of levelling and getting to the third island. How long did it take? Oh, only over 340 hours. And she documented her journey in the YouTube video below.

But now, because of Gronya’s efforts, that DLC is preserved and available for everyone to download. Both Gronya and another DQ fan DaniPhoPhani have uploaded their clean save files for the PAL and US versions of the game, respectively.

Have you played Dragon Quest VII of 3DS? Did you get a chance to play any of the DLC maps? Let us know down below.

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