purposes – Steel API assertion

First off I’ve completely no thought what I’m doing. I put in XCode and the megazillion information coming with it as a result of I needed to make use of brew.

Properly, quick ahead few weeks after utterly abandoning the concept to grasp the dev framework of Apple hitting the byzantine wall of licenses to launch a easy Make all, I now assume I ended up with a completely damaged system making Ubuntu 10.04.0 appears prefer it was made by a trillion $ company compared.

So I’ve an executable that makes use of windowing that for some motive went ballistic doubling the display screen width at every command+f reaching one thing within the order of 30.000 pixels, the decision for tens of screens collectively, to be clear.

This crashes the App I launch and produce a log telling me the difficulty is in CAMetalLayer

The developer of mentioned App mentioned:

From the apple boards: It is best to be capable to work round it by turning off Steel Validation in Scheme -> Edit Scheme -> Run -> Diagnostics -> Steel API Validation It is not one thing we will repair on
our finish.

They’re Home windows developer, I consider they packaged the App model to promote on cross platforms with out actually realizing something about Apple (as me). What it even means? I’m not creating their App… how I’m suppose to disable the checks on their construct of their App utilizing mentioned Apple libraries …

How an App has code execution whose library conduct will be modified outdoors the construct means of the App itself?

It this a worldwide Atmosphere variable(s) I arrange by mistakenly downloading the XCode framework myself?

The error could be this within the app

CAMetalLayer ignoring invalid setDrawableSize width=26880.000000 top=3988.000000
CAMetalLayer ignoring invalid setDrawableSize width=0.000000 top=0.000000
-[MTLTextureDescriptorInternal validateWithDevice:]:1344: failed assertion `Texture Descriptor Validation
MTLTextureDescriptor has width of zero.
MTLTextureDescriptor has top of zero.

Man, I’m a confused one, proper now.

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