iPod wallpapers for iPhone: Download these now

Want to give your iPhone the look and feel of a classic iPod? We’ve rounded up a variety of iPod wallpapers ranging from free to paid to overhaul your iPhone Lock Screen. Read on for a look at everything from the original iPod, iPod mini, iPod Classic wallpapers, and more.


Wallpapers to give your iPhone a retro iPod aesthetic have been around for a while, but they’ve resurfaced with a super realistic version by designer Oliur (in collaboration with Shane Levine).

Below, we’ll look at these new paid wallpapers plus some nice free options.

iPod wallpapers for iPhone

iPod Wallpaper Pack by Oliur

This iPod Wallpaper Pack features 12 “high definition” designs in a range of colors, and some even include classic stickers.

The attention to detail and realism sets these wallpapers apart from the free options you can find around the web. And, there’s plenty of room for the date and time plus your Lock Screen widgets.

Images via Oliur

You can grab this iPod Wallpaper Pack for $14 direct from Oliur.

Free iPod wallpapers by CosmicOli

If you’d like to try out some iPod wallpapers for free, designer CosmicOli on Reddit has shared some neat options. They aren’t as realistic as the ones above but have a similar effect. And it’s very generous of CosmicOli to share them for free.

In my testing, the Original iPod and iPod mini wallpapers worked best as I found the top of iPod Video wallpapers cut into the date at the top with iOS 17.

iPod wallpapers for iPhone free 1
iPod wallpapers via CosmicOli

When you’re customizing your Lock Screen widgets with these, it will look like two of the larger widgets will be outside the iPod screen, but they should just make it within the perimeter after you set it.

Simple iPod Classic Wallpaper

Another free, simple option is available on Imgur.

iPod wallpapers for iPhone free 2
iPod wallpaper via Imgur

Fun iPod wallpaper for iPhone alt

If you like the idea of an iPod retro wallpaper but don’t want to turn your iPhone into a literal copy of the device, Basic Apple Guy has some sharp iPod Socks wallpapers.

iPod Socks wallpaper by Basic Apple Guy

What do you think about these wallpapers? What’s your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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