FFXIV Yo-kai Watch occasion information

Last Fantasy 14’s Yo-kai Watch occasion “Collect One, Collect All!” is again from April 24 till the launch of the Dawntrail enlargement (June 28, although the sport will go down for upkeep a full day earlier than this).

In order for you campy-looking weapon glamour and cute minions, you’ll undoubtedly wish to take part. Free trial customers can take part within the Yo-kai Watch occasion. With a purpose to full the total occasion, you’ll want entry to no less than one Stormblood space.

Earlier than you begin, know that this can be a nice occasion to do whereas grinding out your A Realm Reborn Zodiac relic weapon or Shadowbringers relic weapon. You need to do a ton of FATEs whilst you do each of those, so you may knock out two birds with one stone, if you need.

Additionally heads up that there are not any Sage or Reaper weapons for this occasion. There’s solely weapons for the roles launched up till Shadowbringers. 🙁 The one new reward for this occasion since its final run is the framer’s equipment.

Beneath we element full the FFXIV Yo-kai Watch occasion and grind FATEs shortly. We additionally present a gallery of what all of the rewards seem like.

Easy methods to take part within the Yo-kai Watch occasion

Right here’s full the Yo-kai Watch occasion and earn the minions and weapon glamour you need:

  1. Ensure that to unlock the Gold Saucer when you haven’t already.
  2. Discuss to the Poor-heeled Youth NPC in Ul’dah (9.2, 9.1) to unlock the Yo-kai Watch.
  3. Equip your Yo-kai Watch.
  4. Full FATEs in La Noscea, the Black Shroud, Thanalan, or any of the Heavensward and Stormblood areas whereas carrying the watch to earn Yo-kai Medals. You should get no less than a gold or silver score within the FATE.
  5. Flip within the Yo-kai Medals to the wandering government on the Gold Saucer to earn particular Yo-kai minions. Your first minion will value one medal, and each minion after will value three medals.
  6. Equip the minion and head to the particular space to finish FATEs and earn Legendary Yo-kai Medals. Once more, you’ll want to earn no less than a gold or silver score within the FATE to get medals.
  7. Flip in these Legendary Yo-kai Medals on the Gold Saucer to get the respective weapon. Your first weapon will value 5 Legendary Medals and each weapon after will value 10 Legendary Medals.

You’ll want 49 Yo-kai Medals and 165 Legendary Medals to get all of the rewards. Upon getting some medals, you may flip them into Nohi on the Gold Saucer:

A Viera stands in front of an Au’ra merchant in the FFXIV Gold Saucer.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply pictures: Sq. Enix

You’ll be able to earn the common Yo-kai Medals in any of the aforementioned zones so long as you’re carrying the watch, however Legendary Medals solely come from particular areas. Relying on which weapon you need, you’ll want that particular correlating minion and also you’ll want to move to the next areas:

FFXIV Yo-kai Watch FATE places

Minion Weapon Zones
Minion Weapon Zones
Jibanyan Paw of the Crimson Cat (Warrior) Central Shroud, Decrease La Noscea, Central Thanalan
Shogunyan Whisker of the Courageous Cat and Buckler of the Legendary (Paladin) Decrease La Noscea, Central Thanalan, East Shroud
Hovernyan Fang of the Fearless Cat (Darkish Knight) Western La Noscea, Japanese Thanalan, South Shroud
Lord Enma Gunblade of the Yo-kai King (Gunbreaker) Any Stormblood zone
Komasan Cane of the Shrine Guardian (White Mage) East Shroud, Western La Noscea, Japanese Thanalan
Komajiro Codex of the Shrine Guardian (Scholar) Central Thanalan, East Shroud, Western La Noscea
Noko Globe of the Fortunate Snake (Astrologian) Southern Thanalan, North Shroud, Outer La Noscea
USApyon Ears of the Moon Rabbit (Monk) Outer La Noscea, Center La Noscea, Western Thanalan
Venoct Spear of the Spark Serpent (Dragoon) Center La Noscea, Western Thanalan, Central Shroud
Kyubi Twintails of the Flame Fox (Ninja) Western Thanalan, Central Shroud, Decrease La Noscea
Zazel Katana of the King’s Counsel (Samurai) Any Heavensward zone
Whisper Bow of the White Wisp (Bard) South Shroud, Higher La Noscea, Southern Thanalan
Robonyan F-type Musket of the Metallic Cat (Machinist) Higher La Noscea, Southern Thanalan, North Shroud
Damona Glaives of the Darkish Princess (Dancer) Any Stormblood zone
Blizzaria Workers of the Snow Maiden (Black Mage) North Shroud, Outer La Noscea, Center La Noscea
Manjimutt E-book of the Eerie Mutt (Summoner) Japanese Thanalan, South Shroud, Higher La Noscea
Lord Ananta Rapier of the Serpent Lord (Purple Mage) Any Heavensward zone

FFXIV Yo-kai Watch occasion rewards

Incomes 13 minions will get you the Whisper-go mount and incomes 13 weapons will earn you the Whisper-a-go-go mount, which is a glowing model with Jibanyan connected to it. Getting all 17 weapons will internet you the Jibanyan Sofa mount. These rewards may be claimed in your achievement menu after you full the stipulations.

A FFXIV Viera sits on multiple mounts: two are a white tiny ghost and one is a huge red cat

The Whisper-go, Whisper-a-go-go, and Jibanyan Sofa mounts, from left to proper
Picture: Sq. Enix through Polygon

You may also see a gallery of the weapons and minions beneath. All of the weapons and the watch may be saved in your armoire.

After you get all 17 minions, you may as well purchase a framer’s equipment in your adventurer plate for 20,000 Manderville Gold Saucer Factors:

A colorful Yo-kai Watch Framer’s Kit in FFXIV, showing a Viera putting up a peace sign

Picture: Sq. Enix through Polygon

Easy methods to farm FATEs shortly

Notice you could hold each a minion out whereas the watch is supplied to get each Yo-kai Medals and Legendary Medals. There’s actually no purpose to take off your watch whereas FATE grinding till you get all of the Yo-kai Medals you need.

You also needs to be sure to examine the FATE part of celebration finder, as there’s fairly a number of teams at all times searching for extra individuals to assist farm out medals.

The Blue Mage FATE farm approach

One of the simplest ways to shortly take out a FATE is to make use of Blue Mage. You should use the ability “Missile” to do 50% of most A Realm Reborn FATE bosses’ HP, making these FATEs go down in a short time.

You may also use the Blue Mage instadeath combo to shortly wipe out non-boss enemies. Use “Hydropull” to tug all of the enemies in the direction of you, “The Ram’s Voice” to freeze the enemies round you, after which “Ultravibration” to immediately kill any frozen enemies round you. With a celebration stuffed with Blue Mages, you may clear a FATE quick.

A Blue Mage casts a spell in FFXIV

Picture: Sq. Enix through Polygon

Should you don’t have Blue Mage but or the talents, right here’s a fast rundown on get the restricted job and the talents we listed:

  1. Unlock BLU by speaking to the “Zealous Yellowjacket” NPC in Limsa Lominsa Decrease Decks to begin and full the hunt “Out of the Blue.”
  2. Be taught “Missile” from Enkidu, who’s within the trial “Battle within the Huge Hold.”
  3. Be taught “The Ram’s Voice” from the Chimera boss within the dungeon “Cutter’s Cry.”
  4. Be taught “Hydropull” from the Kelpie boss within the dungeon “The Drowned Metropolis of Skalla.”
  5. Be taught “Ultravibration” from the Kongamato enemies in The Peaks (round 13, 26).

Do not forget that you’ll want to let the enemy forged the spell first after which you may kill them to presumably be taught the ability. It’s not a assured drop except you do the content material degree synced or in a full premade celebration.

“Hydropull” and “Ultravibration” each require Stormblood essential story to be accomplished as much as a sure level, whereas “Cutter’s Cry” unlocks from the facet quest “Dishonor Earlier than Loss of life.” “Battle within the Huge Hold” unlocks from a Hildebrand quest, “Her Misplaced Vow.” Should you’ve by no means finished any Hildebrand quests, you’ll want to begin at “The Rise and Fall of Gents” in Ul’dah.

That every one being mentioned, you don’t really want to do any of this. That is simply probably the most environment friendly FATE farming approach, and in case your Blue Mage isn’t leveled or when you don’t wish to do all that unlocking, it’s best to simply be part of FATEs as your favourite job and whack stuff till it dies. You’ll nonetheless get medals, the clear simply gained’t be as quick.

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