Dive into the future of cloud analytics with the Fabric Career Hub

Since its launch, Microsoft Fabric has changed the data analytics game by offering a one-stop solution for cloud analytics—a central hub that unites multiple Microsoft services like Power BI, Data Factory, and Synapse Analytics under one umbrella. Learning the ins and outs of Fabric isn’t just about acquiring new skills; it’s about unlocking knowledge and transforming your business from data-drowning to data-driven.

As part of our Fabric Community Hub—a virtual hangout for Fabric users to connect with community members, ask questions, and learn—we’ve developed the Fabric Career Hub. It’s your all-in-one repository for Fabric know-how, featuring every learning resource we have to help you ditch the data silos, streamline your workflows, and unleash the hidden potential of your information.

Begin your journey to become a Fabric Analytics Engineer

As its popularity grows, dedicated Fabric experts will be in high demand. That’s why we’ve developed a fresh batch of learning resources and skilling opportunities, all tailored to helping you get certified for a brand new role: Fabric Analytics Engineer.

Fabric Analytics Engineers play a crucial role in the data analysis ecosystem, acting as the bridge between raw data and actionable insights. Your primary responsibility is to prepare, transform, and deliver high-quality data from diverse Fabric components—lakehouses, data warehouses, semantic models, notebooks, and more—for data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders to analyze and draw conclusions from.

You’re an essential part of the team, and need strong coding skills, data modeling expertise, and a deep understanding of business objectives.

If your interest is piqued, then Microsoft Learn’s upcoming Implementing Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Fabric exam is how to prove you’ve got what it takes. Launching in March, this comprehensive exam will evaluate your expertise in these areas:

  • Plan, implement, and manage a solution for data analytics.
  • Prepare and serve data.
  • Implement and manage semantic models.
  • Explore and analyze data.

How do you get that expertise? Glad you asked.

Get started with Microsoft Fabric Career Hub

Fabric Career Hub has everything you need to get certified as a Fabric Analytics Engineer, in just a few steps:

Step 1: Fabric Analytics Engineer Cloud Skills Challenge: Looking to sharpen their skills, but also craving a little friendly competition? The Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenges are part interactive learning sprint, part good-natured tournament between you and thousands of your peers around the globe. These immersive, gamified learning experiences are a blend of hands-on exercises, tutorials, and assessments to ensure a well-rounded learning experience. Complete the challenge in 30 days to earn a 50% discount off the price of the certification exam.

Step 2: Learn Together: We’ll also have a of live sessions, hosted by Fabric experts, with detailed walkthroughs of Fabric learning resources. These sessions are typically broadcasted live with instructor Q&A, and then available on-demand.

Step 3: Exam Cram: Put on a pot of coffee and slip into some sweatpants—it’s time to study. In these one-hour cram sessions (coming soon) certified trainers will guide you through focus areas, pepper you with sample questions, and impart any helpful tips and tricks to get your ready for the big test.

Step 4: Practice Test: Put your knowledge to the test with this practice test featuring 50 sample questions to help you identify specific areas to focus on, ensuring you’re well-equipped to ace your certification.

Step 5: Schedule Your Exam As the DP-600 exam exits beta and goes live, seize the opportunity to schedule your certification exam. Anticipated to go live at the end of March, this step marks the culmination of your preparation journey–but be quick, there are limited spots available.

Join us at the Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hackathon

Looking to stretch your Fabric skills (pun intended) even further? Mark your calendars for February 15th, because the Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hackathon is here to unleash your creative potential and propel your skills to the next level. This online, free-to-join event is your playground for exploring the power of Azure Fabric and Microsoft AI, all while collaborating with fellow tech enthusiasts and competing for exciting prizes.

Business meeting.

Bring your data into the era of AI

Reshape how everyone accesses, manages, and acts on data with a single, AI-powered platform

Fuel your imagination with endless possibilities:

  • Choose your path: Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a team player, dive into any of the diverse challenges offered. Design AI solutions for real-world problems, build chatbots with personality, or explore the cutting edge of natural language processing—the possibilities are endless.
  • Level up your expertise: Dive into a treasure trove of learning resources, including workshops, live sessions with Microsoft experts, and exclusive access to Azure OpenAI. This is your chance to gain valuable insights, sharpen your skills, and become a Fabric and AI maestro.
  • Connect and collaborate: The hackathon isn’t just about individual brilliance; it’s about sharing ideas, brainstorming solutions, and building impactful connections. Join the dedicated hackathon forum, meet like-minded peers, and foster lasting collaborations.

Register for the hackathon and start planning your winning idea. Remember, not only will you have the chance to showcase your innovative creations to the world, but you’ll also be in the running for incredible prizes. So, grab your coding gear, fire up your creative engines, and prepare to hack your way into the AI future.

Seamlessly connect with experts and knowledgeable community members through our dynamic online community, Career Hub Forum. Whether you’re navigating learning modules or tackling specific challenges like deploying on Fabric, this forum provides an interactive space for you to engage with community leaders and Microsoft experts. Ask questions, seek guidance, and enhance your learning experience in this supportive and collaborative environment.

Elevate your learning and connect with experts through Microsoft Learning Rooms

Dive into a unique learning experience with Learning Rooms—a community site tailored for those seeking expert guidance on their technical skilling journey. Exclusively hosted on Microsoft Teams, Learning Rooms provide an avenue where questions find answers exclusively from Microsoft experts. Unlock a space designed for in-depth discussions, collaboration, and personalized support for your ongoing skilling endeavors. Join multiple Learning Rooms to expand your horizons and tap into the wealth of knowledge offered by Microsoft Learn experts.

Join us at the forefront of data and AI innovation at the inaugural Microsoft Fabric Community Conference. Gain insights from global Microsoft and community experts, explore hands-on experiences with new cutting-edge features across Microsoft Fabric, Power BI, Databases, Azure AI, Microsoft Purview, and beyond. Register now to be part of this transformative event, connect with a diverse community of data innovators, and equip your organization for the AI era.

Explore, learn, and thrive with the Fabric Career Hub

With the Fabric Career Hub, we’re unleashing a torrent of knowledge with interactive activities, exciting challenges, and expert-led deep dives into all thing Microsoft Fabric. From beginner basics to pro-level pipelines, you can craft your Fabric future brick by brick. Get started today by visiting the Fabric Career Hub homepage.

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