Bitcoin Miner Codes (March 2024)

Last updated: March 18, 2024

We checked for the latest codes!

Bitcoin Miner is a game developed by PolandGameBuilders for the Roblox platform. In this experience, players can mine Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Purchase mining devices, video cards, and other hardware to mine more efficiently and set up your farm. We put together a list of Bitcoin Miner codes, which you can redeem for in-game items and freebies to help you mine more crypto.

Bitcoin Miner codes are a free, easy, and safe way to earn in-game rewards for playing the game. The developers typically give out new codes when the game hits milestones, such as a certain number of likes or visits. We recommend you bookmark this page and check back daily for new updates. Our list is totally up to date, and we post new codes the moment they release, so you will always have the latest information.

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Bitcoin Miner codes

  • ThxFor2M—Limited Card (New)
  • 54L5—Super Mining Boost
  • UGCUpdate—Super Mining Boost
  • B7FQ—Super Mining Boost
  • thxfor150M—150M Visits Card
  • KB34—Super Mining Boost
  • NewLampBoost—Super Mining Boost
  • 6wio — Super Mining Boost
  • 45dz — Super Mining Boost
  • 43DB — Super Mining Boost
  • BoosterCode — Super Mining Boost
  • GreenWall — 5x Hedge
  • RockBoost — Super Mining Boost
  • LightningSpeed — Super Mining Boost
  • PowerfulBoost — Super Mining Boost
  • PurplePrism — 5x Hedge
  • StoneBoost — Super Mining Boost
  • GPUBoost — Super Mining Boost
  • WeekIV — Super Mining Boost
  • Week3 — Alien Block Head
  • AnotherBlock — Concrete Block
  • NewUI — Super GPU Cabinet
  • NotAPlate — Super Mining Boost
  • AnotherCodeOnARock — 3x Hedge
  • EvenMoreCodes — Super Mining Boost
  • truckboost – Super Mining Boost
  • GrassWall – 3x Hedge
  • AgainBoost – Super Mining Boost
  • QuadBoost – Super Mining Boost
  • thxfor100m – Free Rewards (must be level 450+)
  • : ) – Mining Boost
  • ExtraBooster – Super Mining Boost
  • BoostOnSign – Super Mining Boost
  • NotATrashcan –Super Mining Boost
  • extra – Starter Electricity Box
  • FreeLvl – Receive one free level
  • SandFloor – Turns your plot into sand

Expired codes

  • PlantWalls – 5x Hedge
  • Anotherblock – Concrete Block
  • GrassWalls – 3x Hedge
  • BtrBoost – Super Boost
  • 50Mil – 50M Visits card (Must be Lvl 500+)
  • ChargedUpdate – 3 Min Super Boost
  • FreeCrate – Free Starter Crate
  • GiveLantern – Free Lantern
  • SimpleTriangle – Prism Logo
  • JustStone – Carved Stone
  • sandtower – Sand Castle
  • WhiteTree – 10 Birch Fence
  • FreeBoost – Free Boost Stars
  • PlantFence – 3x Hedge
  • Patch – Free Crate
  • WEEKEND – 2 Boost Stars
  • FreeLvl – Receive one free level
  • Phase3 – Free Crate
  • Phase2 – Starter Crate
  • HeadStar – Free Stars

How to redeem codes for Bitcoin Miner

To redeem codes in Bitcoin Miner, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Bitcoin Miner in Roblox
  2. Click on the Codes button from the phone’s home screen
  3. Enter any working code into the field
  4. Tap on Redeem
How to redeem codes for Bitcoin Miner

Make sure to enter the codes exactly as they are shown above, with consistent capitalization and no extra spaces at the end. You will see some green text with your reward if the code is valid. Remember, new codes release all the time, and existing codes expire, so check back often for new updates!

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