6 New Exceptional Cursed Strategies Proven in Jujutsu Kaisen’s Shinjuku Showdown Arc

The Shinjuku Showdown arc in JJK has been extremely entertaining, that includes a few of the most spectacular battles in Jujutsu Kaisen. Whereas many acquainted characters participated with their well-known talents, a number of new characters additionally joined the fray.

Moreover, some returning characters revealed spectacular new cursed methods, including to the arc’s pleasure and depth. Among the many newly launched methods, solely a choose few actually stood out as distinctive highlights of the arc.

Let’s get into a few of these exceptional methods and their affect:

1. World Splitting Dismantle (Ryomen Sukuna):

Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine

Among the many most formidable derived cursed methods, Sukuna’s World Splitting Dismantle stands out as an immensely highly effective method.

This system expands the vary of Dismantle from its goal to the whole world, showcasing its devastating attain and efficiency. The truth that this method was instrumental in defeating even characters as highly effective as Gojo highlights its significance and power.

2. Genuine Mutual Love (Yuta Okkotsu):

Yuta and Gojo

Yuta’s Area Growth, Genuine Mutual Love, is a terrifying method that demonstrates the true energy of his cursed method. It manifests a website lined with quite a few katanas, every containing a singular cursed method copied by Yuta.

This versatility permits Yuta to unleash an enormous array of assaults, every doubtlessly devastating in its personal proper. The unpredictable nature of this method provides to its effectiveness and unpredictability in battle.

3. Legendary Beast Amber (Kashimo):

Sukuna and Kashimo

Kashimo’s Legendary Beast Amber represents a high-risk, high-reward method that transforms the person’s physique into electrical energy, granting the flexibility to harness varied phenomena for offensive functions.

The immense pace and flexibility afforded by this method make it a formidable asset in battle, as seen in Kashimo’s confrontations, notably towards Sukuna.

4. Hakuna Laana (Miguel):

Miguel and Sukuna

Miguel’s cursed method, Hakuna Laana, is a singular buff and debuff method that enhances the person’s bodily capabilities, enabling them to face up to and keep away from highly effective assaults. Miguel’s use of this method to navigate Sukuna’s onslaught showcases its effectiveness as a strategic fight instrument, including depth to Miguel’s talents.

5. Night Moon Sword Drawing (Atsushi Kusakabe):

Maki, Yuji, and Kusakabe

Night Moon Sword Drawing, a method derived from the New Shadow Type Easy Area, permits Kusakabe to increase the vary of his area, weakening any cursed methods that enter it whereas enabling him to detect and counter assaults successfully. Kusakabe’s proficiency with this method highlights his tactical prowess in fight.

6. Coronary heart Catch (Larue):


Larue’s Coronary heart Catch method is characterised by the creation of a digital large hand with exact management capabilities. This versatile method permits Larue to control the battlefield by restraining, repelling, or manipulating opponents from a distance. The distinctive trade-off related to this method provides an intriguing aspect to Larue’s fight type.

These newly launched cursed methods, together with the developed talents of present characters, contribute considerably to the complexity and pleasure of the Shinjuku Showdown arc.

Every method provides depth to the characters’ capabilities and strategic concerns in battle, making for compelling storytelling and dynamic confrontations. Because the arc unfolds, followers can anticipate additional developments and revelations that showcase the evolving energy dynamics and narrative intricacies of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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